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Best Price RO Water Purifier in Kathmandu Nepal


How do I choose a good water purifier? The very first step required to choose a good water purifier is to test the TDS in water at your home/office. If the TDS is less than 500 mg/liter, then go for a UV water purifier or gravity water purifier based on your budget. If TDS in water is above 500 mg/liter, then go for a RO water purifier with TDS adjuster from a good brand like Zionpure, Eureka Forbes, Kent, Livpure, Faber, or others.

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Which type of water purifier is best water purifier for Nepal ?

We asked this question to a water treatment technician and here is what he said: “As a father and a water purification technician, I often recommend UV water purifiers over RO water purifiers. UV water purifiers are an excellent way to meet our families needs for water purification. When used in conjunction with a pre-filter and post-filtration, UV light is an excellent method to purify tap water at home. Most importantly, it retains the natural PH, Alkalinity and minerals in the water; making it the safest purifier water to drink.” However, if the input water at your home or office is hard or has high level of dissolved solids (TDS), then you must use a Reverse Osmosis based water purifier.


Company Profile: Zion pure is one of the leading Importer and supplier of water purification systems. Our company’s motto is to provide pure drinking water, quality and standard products at comparative prices to customers. Prompt delivery, installation and demonstration inside Kathmandu valley, always dedicated and ready to serve sales after service, prompt handling of customer complaints. Due to prompt customer services we have been able to develop a wide range client network.


Product Description: Zion pure is an advance RO water purifier which has 7 stages of purification technology. Zion pure consists a state of art RO+ ALKALINE+TDS CONTROL+FR+SV+ SINK FAUCET and thus gives pure and alkaline drinking water. With a high storage capacity of 8 L, it makes sure that you get continuous supply of pure water, even in the absence of electricity. Available in three models in elegant and stylish square design in three colors (blue/white and Grey).

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