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Best Digital Media Marketing Company in Nepal

We are Nepal based Social and Digital Media Marketing Agency

Our Social (digital) Media Marketing (SMM)services and strategy is not only drive more traffic to your website but also create awareness about your brand through planned activities on different platforms like; FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus. As the number of the users on social media sites are growing each day by millions, SMM has become one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach customers and serve information about your products and services to them. Social media platform are a wonderful medium to connect real people with each other. When someone shares or like information about a company, the information becomes visible to others in their circle as well, and that gives a brand more exposure. In last 4-5 years Social Media has become an integral part of overall Digital Marketing strategies.

Our Social Media Marketing (SMM) and SMO specialists utilize every possible resource to increase your business significance and establish your brand as a leader among the thousands of competitors. Our primary objective is to help you realize your goals in terms of brand development and new customer acquisition. We have worked for hundreds of companies of every size and in virtually every industry.


How Social Media helps in SEO?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) also gives several additional SEO benefits. Nowadays almost all the search engines consider social activities (Sharing, Liking and Mentions) as a major factor in deciding website rankings. Social activities around a website help in its SEO to achieve top 10 search engine rankings because if a person either likes a page or shares a web page with their friends then it must have something useful for others.


Benefits of Social (Digital) Media Marketing Services:

·Website Traffic - It increases visitors to your website and that gives you chance to convert them into customers and buyers.

·Brand Development - Social media is one the most powerful tool to make your brand more popular.

·Authority - By sharing great content and answering queries posted by audience you can become authority in your field.

·Community - Your active fans and followers forms a great community, you can ask for suggestions and feedback to improve your products and services.

·Business Opportunities - Strong social media presence attracts news media, investors and business partners. So it opens a whole new world of business opportunities.

·Competitive Advantage - Most of the organizations still not using social media platforms for marketing which allows you to capture the audience and take advantage over your competitors.


What We Do:

·Regular social media account updates

·News sharing

·Video and Image sharing

·Expertise sharing

·Providing support and answering user questions

·Poll creation

·Community Development

·Inbound Link building

·Group participation

·Expanding Fans and followers base

·Internet Resource sharing

·Event creation

·Posting products and services to reach target audience

Hiring a Social Media Marketing agency and taking its services to handle your social activities is a long term investment. Because it takes time to build a loyal fan following, but with the consistent efforts, we can have guaranteed success and growth for your business.


Company Overview:

The Esewa Marketing Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a fully digital advertising and marketing service oriented company based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

No doubt! Now days every company and business houses turn in to digital platform to disseminate their information and services to their targeted clients. Either, every company or business houses need to set-up a particular department along with skilled and qualified manpower to handle and manage digital media marketing, brand building and to create product awareness, OR you need to tie-up with a smart partner (company) who can fulfill your expectation and crate business opportunities across a variety of channels in real time. But, there are lots of challenges to set-up a particular department like, skilled manpower, market research, monitoring, technical equipments, office space with furniture's…so on. So, most of the corporate and business houses are seeking outsourcing company to manage social and digital media marketing. We, Advert Marketing Nepal Pvt. Ltd. mainly focused and established with data-driven approach and knowledge gained from years in digital marketing to deliver outstanding results as per clients demand.

        Esewa Marketing Nepal Pvt. Ltd. provides flexible marketing solutions in different ways. We understand that, every company have different need and goal. But, we are here to deliver advanced and customized solutions to fit your digital marketing packages.



Esewa Marketing Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is a constructive and highly dedicated company established with an objective of Digital/Online Marketing Solution, the name defined itself i.e its aims to provide the best solutions to all your Ads and marketing. It has been few time that the company has made its remarkable image among the clients and industry.


The company is being operated by the team of professional who has long experience in the field of Ads and digital marketing.





We believe, advertising should be more creative and effective. And we understand it is an investment of investors that should deliver results. It starts with sound targeting, cost-efficiency and savvy marketing to create visibility. What we understand, wherever we do associate with any big/small company, we must deliver 100%, no matter what the product or media, the result must be great leads, sales increases, business queries, phones ringing and businesses growing.




To be the most recognized Ads Marketing Agency in Nepal, providing the most innovative solutions to design and create experiences of exceptional quality, combining strategy and efficiency to catalyze the development of the industry, and surpassing our clients’ expectations to bring every campaigning from a Vision to a Reality.




To deliver high quality, value-driven Digital Marketing Services, which will retain our customers over the long term. We believe in elevating the standards of services, by ensuring superior quality and professionalism, to engage the audience and senses, and to promote excellence through the qualitative services we offer.

Facebook Packages:

Monthly Trial Package: 10000/- 

  1. 1 Banner Design
  2. 75+ Message Inq. 
  3. 10000+ post reach
  4. Page Management

Monthly Budget Package: 15000/- 

  1. 2 Banner Design
  2. 150+ Message Inq. 
  3. 50000+ post reach
  4. Page Management

Monthly SPL Message Package: 25000/- 

  1. 4 Banner Design
  2. 300+ Message Inq.
  3. 100000+ post reach
  4. Page Management



Google Search Engine Monthly Package Starts from 25000/- 


SEO Plans and Pricing

We offers affordable SEO packages that give higher return on investment. Whether you are a startup (looking for expansion) or an established organization, we have SEO plans that suits to every size of company and budget.

Although we don't charge an enormous amount of money for SEO services, we don't compromise on quality either even in our lowest SEO package. We all know that it takes time to achieve top 10 rankings in search engines that is why a 3-6 month contract is must for all the plans.

We have faith in our proven SEO strategies that are based on our vast experience with hundreds of successful SEO projects, we don't hesitate to provide 100% guarantee on every SEO plan.












Contract Period(Minimum)

3 Months

3 Months

3 Months

Cost Per Month

NRs 25,000 + VAT

NRs 40,000+ VAT

NRs 100,000+ VAT

Site Review and Analysis


SEO Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Back Link Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Duplicate Content Check

On Page Optimization


Title & Meta Tags Optimization

5 Pages

10 Pages

35 Pages

Heading Tag Optimization(H1, H2 etc.)

Image Optimization(ALT & Title)

Sitemap Creation & Analysis

Navigation Optimization

Anchor Text Optimization

Robot.txt Creation

Anchor Text Optimization

Internal Link Structuring

Website Speed & Page Load Testing

URL Rewriting

Off Page Optimization


Manual Search Engine Submission

Article Writing and Submission

Directory Submission

Classified Submission

Press Release Writing & Submission

Business Listing

Social Media Profiles

Social Bookmarking

Google Local Listing

Image Promotion & Submission (Flicker, Photo bucket)

Blog Commenting

Forum Posting and Q&A

Video Marketing & Submission (You Tube, Vimeo,    Metacafe)

Blog Creation & Posting

Slide Submission(Slideshare.com)

Guest Blog Posting

SEO Reports


Keyword Ranking Report

Google Analytics Report













Terms & Condition Apply: Esewa Marketing Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 

Content and Delivery of Advertisements;

1. Materials (contents) for any advertisement must be provide within the applicable timeframes.

2.  The advertiser guarantees to Yohoni Ad Marketing that;

  • any information supplied in connection with the advertisement is accurate, complete, true and not misleading;
  • it has obtained the consent of any living person whose name or image (in whole or in part) is contained in any Advertisement;
  • the Advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful, are not contrary to the provisions of any applicable law, regulation or code of practice.



4. 50% of total amount will be paid at date of signing.

5. Remaining 50%amount will be paid at advertising publishing date.

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